Friday, 21 January 2011

Dishes to Samples - Latin [Savoury]

Empanadillas [Latin American] - Savoury Stuffed Pastries:

Picadilli [Latin American] - Minced Meat Hash:

Tostones [Latin American] - Twice-Fried Plantain Crisps:

~ Central America ~
Enchiladas [Mexican] - Oven Baked Stuffed Tortillas with Sauce:

Flautas [Mexican] - Fried Mini-stuffed Tortillas:

Picaditas [Mexican] - Miniature Stuffed Tortilla "Boats":

Sope [Mexican] - Savoury Topped Tart:

Tamales [Mexican] - Stuffed Corn Wrap:

Tortitas de Papa [Mexican] - Potato Cakes:

Tostadas [Mexican] - Topped Tortilla:

~ South America ~
Coxinha [Brazilian] - Chicken & Cheese Filled Fritter Balls:

Farofa [Brazilian/South American] - Toasted Manioc Flour Mixture:

Pandebono [Columbian] - Columbian Cheese Bread:

Pão de Queijo [Brazilian] - Cheese Bread Roll:

Pastel de Choclo [Chilean/Peruvian] - Ground Beef Casserole:

Tequeños [Venezuelan] - Cheese-filled Fried Bread Sticks:

Zonzo [Bolivia] - Mashed Cassava with Cheese:

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