Sunday, 30 January 2011

[Restaurants] Incredibly Short Takes; Other Restaurants of Mention/Bored Blog Post

Essentially just posting this for further reference/I am incredibly bored just to note some of the other restaurants I recall having been to in the London area, along with a one-word highlight from what I can remember:

  • Melur [Edgware Road] - Malaysian; Meh
  • Essentially all the Maroush Franchises [Edgware Road] - Lebanese; Mediocre
  • Shishawi [Edgware Road] - Lebanese; Indifferent
  • Levant [Off Oxford Street] - Lebanese; Middling - mind you, I ate here around 9 years ago or so, the only thing I remember was that the Caramelised Onion served with the Halloumi was wubs.
  • Some Persian Restaurant [Maybe "Palm Palace"] [Edgware Road] - Persian; Unremarkable
  • Chiquito's [Leicester Square] - "Mexican"; Standardised/Chain-food/Bland/As Mexican as TGI Friday's
  • Green Dragon? Something like that [China Town, Soho] - Chinese; Typical
  • Cafe' Rouge [Off Oxford Street?] - French-ish; Acceptable
  • Sofra [No Idea] - Turkish?; Forgettable
  • The Rail Bar, Selfridges [Oxford Street?] - Deli; Pleasant - My life-reaffirming introduction to the Salt Beef Sandwich
  • Sidi Maaroof [Edgware Road] - Moroccan; Ok
  • Beirut Express [Edgware Road] - Lebanese; Not Ok
  • Cafe' Helen [Edgware Road] - Lebanese?; Insulting
  • Zizzi's [Baker Street & Somewhere else] - Italian; Reasonable
  • Indali Lounge [Baker Street] - Indian/Hippy; Fat/Flavour-free - Admittedly cost-free as well
  • GBK [Baker Street] - Burger; Normal
  • Vingt Quatre [Fulham] - French/Nothinginparticularsserie; Basic
  • Le Relais de Venise "L'Entrec├┤te" [Marylebone] - French; Spoilt for No Choice o_o - Note, I left severely umped by this place, not realising they had dessert! Maybe we had to go to the Cinema, no idea

As is plenty obvious by the restricted diversity of destination, it is not difficult to preclude the reasoning behind this blog. Or rather, the whining enough to break away from the Torrid Edgware Circle of Doom.

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