Thursday, 13 January 2011

[Restaurant - Argentinean] Found the Beef!; Gaucho's of Regent Street/Sloane Square

Location - Swallow Street & Sloane Square, London [UK]

One 80's Stereotype that will certainly not be quipped in this establishment is the whereabouts of "The Beef". For it is everywhere. And essentially the only thing they serve. However, it is not all bad as the cow-skin seats are quite quirky. The Beef-based desserts however...don't exist :P. Oh, and the food is generally agreeable, as is the service - the waiters are especially well trained in the describing of the intricacies and combinations of a particular favourite wine. Which may as well be spoken in Aramaic. Onto the categorised attempts of describing what I ingested.

~ Starter ~
- Empanadas

Whilst adored by my friends, I found these to be somewhat disappointing - I have an unhealthy appetite for pies/pastries/anything full of bad stuff, but I found these to be relatively bland. Basically a miniature Cornish Pasty/Samousa hybrid - enjoyable yes, but, nothing exciting. Not even a scar or a troubled childhood.

~ Main Course ~
- Meat w/ Side Order of Spinach

About as elaborate as the title, it's seared meat. And a side order of sauteed spinach and lemon. Saying that, the meat was always well cooked, and full in flavour - certainly not old and stale, but certainly nothing more than a steak. Spinach with a squeeze of lemon works very well with the combination, adding some earthiness, with the lemon juice cutting through. Otherwise. It's meat. And spinach. o_o

~ Dessert ~
- Pear & Almond Tart [14/01/2011]

A bit of a strange one as it didn't actually seem to be a tart, though I suppose "Pear & Almond Slab" doesn't sound as appealing - it was ok overall, certainly nutty, but the fruit aspect didn't protrude much. A bit dry in texture, but the dollop of cream fixed that. Gave me a sugar fix, I'm happy.

~ Drinks ~
- Mojito

Heavy on the "Jito", which is to say, it jits you in the face with the sheer quantity of alcohol within [yes, I cringed writing that imagery]. So much alcohol. Not much else. The virgin Mojito apparently was quite contrary. And in other news, Beef is a meat.

- Salta Sling [14/01/2011]

A peculiar tasting and lovely cocktail - hint of spice added a star anise essence through the drink. Quite light as well.


Overall, this is a place defined by the beef, so much so that I sometimes feel guilty of sitting on what could be the face of the food I am eating. Which for me, such a focus is rather boring - as good a place as steak can always have, there's only so much positive you can find with a steak, and trying so hard with the decor could perhaps show an unwavering devotion to the beef. I'm sure Argentina has more to offer! Otherwise, nothing is of particular offense.

Other than the Mojito. I'm sure its a delinquent.

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