Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Introducing My Not So Guilty Pleasure

For no reason other than an invariable need to quell a particularly mind-numbing stretch of boredom, and to re-direct my hours of stare-contesting at restaurant websites, I have decided to start a Blog where I offer up my decidedly amateur and possibly incoherent insights to a pleasure I oh do so enjoy. Eating. Profusely so.

In order to give meaning to my life...err. Blog. I have decided that not only would chronicling this particular pleasure relive the memory and thus attempt to stave off this infernal hunger, I should hope it would also give me a scale of reference; so I know what I have already made and what I have already tasted at a favourite establishment, so that I don't run into the rut of familiarity. Apart from Papa John's - it's allowed its familiarity. It EARNED it.

What would set my blog apart from the endless proliferation of such abound? Nothing. Really. I like to eat, and I get bored - and with the power of the two combining, I will create. Nothing, I just wish to discover the art of taste by trying out a plethora of new and different restaurants, eateries, and culinary outlets. In other words, get fat by means other than the usual restaurants that are frequented on typical journeys. You may presume by the slightly relentless blathering of a want to eat that I am indeed as big as the house I occupy. It is a fear of mine, but infact, no. Whilst I was quite a "big-boned" fellow in my earlier years, compounded by living in the Spoilt lifestyle that is Saudi Arabian upbringing - I'm not complaining, I just realise now how big I was - I have recently in the course of the following year dropped a large portion of the weight. More than a 1/3rd to be precise. As a result it would seem the remaining 2/3rd of my molecular being has developed an ever-voracious appetite.

As is often said, variety is the spice of life. I like spicy food. And I have lost my train of thought, never mind.

So, in essence, I wish to document as eclectic a variety of eating experiences as possible, cramming diverse flavours into my face and attempting to opine on what I happily digested. If a bored restaurant worker should happen across this nonentity of a blog and find complaint with an opinion of mine, let me preclude firstly, that food "taste" is subjective and as I previously mentioned, I possibly haven't got a clue. Furthermore, an easy recourse is to provide me with free food and liposuction. I try not to feel guilty of this pleasure, but the mirror screams at me.

I hope to learn the nuances of food and flavour combinations, the core basics of good cuisine, ingredients and cooking, and with the learnings, I hope to then be able to cohesively explain to the heathens the kinds of blasphemies that have emitted from their mouths when they state such atrocities as "Iceland Pies are Awesome!".

That is all.

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