Saturday, 12 March 2011

Part Deux: Zonzomnomnom

Ugh, whatever. Take two of the Zonzo - it is astounding what a difference just a little added seasoning can make. And a whole Mozzarella ball. Whilst I hesitate to add salt to anything nowadays, formerly being a Salt Water creature in a previous life, it has brought out a creaminess from the butter and cheese.

I also made sure the puree was a lot finer this time round, and added more parmesan, and. Well. I've banned myself from looking at it, as I know I'll find it hard to stop eating. It's not mind-blowing by any means, and certainly no credit of culinary skill - it's just mashed cassava - but, Jeebus is it more-ish...

Proof shown by the fact I couldn't refrain myself for the sake of an unspoiled photograph ^_^

Addendum: Microwaved a small slice the other day for that bit too long, so it got crunchy. Um. Wow. Amazing? I would think that is why its predominantly barbequed, as it comes alive when the cheese has melted through. ARGH.

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