Friday, 21 January 2011

Dishes to Samples - Ehfrika! [Savoury]

North Africa
Briouats [Moroccan] - Moroccan "Samousa":

Pastilla [Moroccan] - Meat Phyllo Pastry Pie:

Tagine [Moroccan] - Slow-cooked Stew:

West Africa
Akara [Nigeria] - Bean Patties:

Chin Chin [Nigeria] - Fried Dough Snack:

Kele Wele [Ghanaian] - Plantain Chips:

South Africa
Biltong [South Africa] - Dry-Cured Meat:

Bobotie [South Africa] - South African Meat Pie:

Boerewors [South Africa] - Regional Sausage:

Bunny Chow [South African - Durban] - Curry in a Bread Loaf:

Diphaphatha [Botswanan] - Flat Cakes:

Frikadelle [South African] - Deep Fried Meatballs:

Magwinya [Botswanan] - Fat Cakes:

Matemekwane [Botswanan] - Dumplings:
Mieliepap [South Africa] - Maize Meal:

Msamba [Malawi] - Pumpkin Leaf & Peanut Salad:
Sosatie [South Africa] - Kebabs O_o:

East Africa
Ayeb be Gomen [Ethiopian] - Spinach with Cottage Cheese and Spices:
Dabo Kolo [Ethiopian] - Bread Balls:

Injera [Eritrean] - Indiginous Flat Bread:

Kitfo [Ethiopian] - Spiced Beef Tartar:

Kuku Paka [Kenyan] - Chicken in Coconut Curry:

Mkate Mimina [Swahili] - Coconut Rice Pancake:

Mkate Wa Kusukuma [Swahili] - "Push and Pull" Bread:

Qategna [Eritrean] - Fried Injera:

Timtimo [Eritrean] - Spiced Lentils:

Zigni [Eritrean] - Eritrean Curry:

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