Wednesday, 26 January 2011

[Cafe - Ice-Cream Bar] Short Take - Location³; Rendezvous of Leicester Square

Location: Leicester Square, London [UK]

Only a short review on this eatery, as there is only so much that can be written about ice-cream and a coffee. Unless you write about Kheer. I would write until the end of the world about kheer if it would net me another one.

*Sigh*. ENOUGH!

Anyway, I have had ice-creams and coffees at this particular venue a plethora of times, due in no part by its location, which centred over our previously predictable schedules of dining and going to the cinema in Leicester Square. How fortunate of them.


In this case, I insisted on coming on here just before, erm. Going to the cinema, in order to re-establish some positive to the evening following what can be described as a traumatising dinner experience which sent me into fits of nothingness. Details in the previous post.

So, an Apple Crumble ice-cream, and an espresso pl0z. And, either I'm getting old in my 24 years or I've scorched my tongue far too many times in the past, decimating legions of taste buds, or perhaps they were saving themselves from further Wagamama-influenced atrociousness, but this ice-cream was quite bland. And not crumbly. Was it even apple!? It was also warm and didn't have the texture of the supposed "Gelato" type of ice-cream. Meh. It was sweet, it did it's job. Espresso was satisfactory.

Just to add, I hate these places that sell "Gelato" Ice-cream - meaning the same thing in Italian, how is Ice-cream Ice-cream different to Ice-cream? Unless it's Ice-cream². Ah, makes sense now! So yeah, a meh cap off to a bah dining experience, that at least helped to cleanse my offended palette.

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