Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Well, actually, more of a Zonzodish. HAH!

I know, weak.

Anyway I got bored, there was a plate of leftover boiled Cassava in the fridge - which relentlessly mocked me as it knew I cannot resist it when finished in the tempura my mother so casually happened to have made in her attempts to fatten me up - so, I figured, may as well do something with it, that's ever so slightly healthier.

Still haven't a clue what I'm on about? Wait, that's redundant, no-one does. Anyway:

I made some Zonzo. Which is basically a Bolivian Mashed Cassava [Basically Mashed Potato, except, its Cassava] dish - usually on a stick, but, I did it the idiot-proof way. And I don't have any sticks. Mine lacked enough mozzarella as I couldn't be bothered to defrost some more, and I probably should have seasoned it a smidge more. However. It is very addictive. Dangerously so. A bit bland, but this newly introduced root/tuber/vegetableofpwn owns me quite so.

I also tried making some Kheer a month or so ago. I'll just say, with one having bits of ceramic in it, and the other having an industrial amount of Saffron in it, they could've been worse. Far worse. No, I didn't poop out a yellow vase.

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