Friday, 21 January 2011

Dishes to Samples

As previously stated in the introductory post...and essentialy the Modus Operandi of this blog, is to sample as many different eclectic foods as possible in a vain attempt to satiate this cultural hunger of mine. So without further ado, a series of posts depicting the continents and foods shall follow, which will constantly be updated, and referenced on the sidebar [once I figure out how].

The majority of these dishes have been found by means of menus that I have scoured in the past weeks of restaurants I want, no, NEED to try out in the London area, though obviously this can only grow when I bother to follow recipes and perhaps go travelling to fulfil my bored mouth.

What's drawn me to these particular dishes? Nothing really other than the description in the menus and a google image search. That's basically enough to entice me!

Disclaimer: To avoid any potential hassle of having anyone bored and deprived enough to pick issue with copyrights on a Blog, of all places, I will state now that the pictures included in this section are not my own, and obtained via Google Images. A public search engine. So STFU. All pictures in the review posts will be my own though. Thankyoupls

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