Friday, 21 January 2011

Dishes to Samples - Latin [Sweet]

Alfajores [Latin American] - Biscuit Cake:

Churro [Spain/Latin America] - Fried Dough Pastry:

~ Central America ~

Crepes de Platano [Mexican] - Plantain-stuffed Crepes:

Platanos con Cajeta [Mexican] - Fried Plantain with Goat's Milk Toffee:

Sopaipaillas [Mexican] - Fried Tortilla Bread:

~ South America ~
Baba de Moça [Brazilian] - Egg Yolk Pudding:

Brigadeirão [Brazilian] - Chocolate Mousse Cake:

Quindim [Brazilian - Salvador de Bahia] - Egg Yolk Pudding:

Torta Rogel [Argentine?] - Stacked Meringue Disc Cake:

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