Friday, 21 January 2011

Dishes to Samples - Home; Middle Eastern [Savoury]

Beguni - Batter-fried Eggplant:

Fatayer - Stuffed Savoury Pastry:

Freekeh - Roasted Wheat Grain:

Helawat Al Jibn - Cheese-filled "Spring Rolls":

Hara Isba [Syria] - Pasta with Tamarind Lentils:
Musakhan [Palestine] - Meat "Pizza":

Rikakat [Lebanese] - Another Spring Roll:

Persian Gulf
Albaloo Polo [Iranian] - Chicken with Sour Cherries:

Ashreshteh [Iranian] - Spinach Soup with Noodles:

Khoresht Fesenjan [Iranian] - Pomegranate Walnut Stew with Chicken:

Shirin Polo [Iranian] - Rice with Orange Zest, Chicken & Pistachios:

Tahdig [Iranian] - "Burnt" Rice Dish:

Zereshk Polo [Iranian] - Chicken with Berry Pilau Rice:

Saudi Arabian Peninsula
Kharoof Mahshi [Saudi Arabia] - Roast Stuffed Lamb:

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