Thursday, 13 January 2011

[Restaurant - Chinese] Short Take: Ken No's - Ken Lo's of Kensington

Location - Kensington, London [UK]

An extremely short take as this was a couple of years ago, and as such I have no real recollection of what had transpired in my eating/digesting interaction that day, other than a few key points: £40 per head for nothing out of the ordinary. Other than the price. That was quite extraordinary.

I think we had just ordered the usual, so for me that would have been a Hot 'n' Sour soup, Shredded Chilli Beef and some Fried Rice, with the other two friends ordering largely the same, which is why we promptly whined and cried in our Student-minded economic evaluation. Well, other than the one person who recommended this place and remained satisfied of the experience. He was alone.

Scathing? Well, no, it just wasn't £40 good. I think the prawn crackers were even charged. No free crackers, no sympathy O_o

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