Sunday, 1 May 2011

Devil Makes idle Hands Chubby [>_<]

Suffice it to say.. That I had lost a lot of will to keep adding posts. Primarily as I rarely venture forth from my room in these penny-pinching days of non-expenditure for other commitments, that and, I hate thinking about food. As it makes me hungry. And also, water is wet.

This past month has added negatively in that intense spurts of boredom have caused me to unfortunately meander towards the kitchen, whereby in a mission to salvage a small portion of epic food waste that occurs in the household, decided to make some dishes. However, these have obviously taken their toll on me, compounded by the recent amassing of desserts and other foods of questionable health benefit, though obviously noms. So, what have I made/whining about having made?

- Ricotta Polenta Cake; to get rid of a year old tub of Ricotta in the freezer
- Quinoa Pudding; the intention was to use up some very old nectarines, which were almost all made of mould
- Butternut Squash cake & Jack Sabayon; used up an old butternut squash
- Zucchini Souffle'; some very unlovely smelling zucchini formed these
- Watermelon Souffle; yet to be made, but the ingredients have been prepared for a while
- Pineapple Ice-cream; used up some old pineapple slices, blended with some cream, stuck in freezer, done.
- Melon Sorbet; as above, but to use melon. Tasted. Funky.

After which, I will now refrain. As I have gained a startling amount of flab, not compounded by the Tiramisu' that I solely seem to be consuming, and Muhallabia, that were both made for Easter. Argh.

Addendum: Just made Sutlac. Ish. Kind of just winged it on measurements. And I made it too dry. Again. This time to use up some white rice in the fridge, and Jersey milk.

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