Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Best Of:

No, I am not writing a post to compile a list of my own favourite posts, that would be incredibly conceited and pretentious of such an amateur outfit.

So without further ado..


Anyway, no, I was wondering, in the perpetual state of gastronomic infatuation I find myself in, just some of the best and diverse dishes I have ever sampled, ever, that I can still remember of, no matter how mundane - tastes that remain distinct for their intensity, or just experience. And I figured I should compile it, if only to serve as back-up for my relentlessly poor memory, and as means to keep on - at least mentally - savouring the past event. For the sake of keeping the list within the confines of infinity, I will forego the meals sampled within the home. So, without further ado, again:

- Best Tiramis├║;
This was in a restaurant in Paestum, in the Campagna Region of Italy, near Salerno - details are sparse as this was a rather distant 10+ years ago, yet, I still remember the immense delight I found in that Tiramis├║, down to its appearance. Served in a glass, it was more of the creamy-parfait type rather than a thick lady-finger slice, but I distinctly remember the perfectly light yet rich creaminess of the dessert, highlighted by little notes of chocolate with some chocolate chips. It was intense. If I had hit puberty by then, it would've been a mess.

- Interesting Regional Speciality - Panigacci;
Basically an Italian "Chapati" of sorts from the Liguria region, though I shudder to call it that, this flatbread is unique in that an entire 10 or so course meal is entirely based on this flatbread. Mindless indulgence?! Ofcourse, it's Italian! However, also perfect of sense! In order of topping, this bread perfectly suited the cured meats, stracchino cheese, pesto, and Nutella toppings to create a diverse meal. Of Bread.

Best Glass of Orange Juice;
Paris, Charles-de-Gaulles Airport, Spring 2000. I remember it vividly, it actually blew my mind. Que? Orange Juice?! Ya, rly! And it was on the bottom floor using one of those presser machines, peel and all, and it was delectable - very crisp, and a distinct highlight from the bitter peel. Lovely

- Best Ice Cream:
Royal Jelly, together with Tiramis├║ flavour, sampled at Sarzana in the summer of 2008. Wow, the Royal Jelly Ice Cream was, wow. My life. It needs it. As far as explanation goes, I cannot put "Drooling" into words, so that should do.

- Most Memorable Lamb Dish:
First sampled in 2006 I think, I think maybe even way back in the Mid-90's as well, though I don't remember much from then, but essentially on camping journeys in Saudi Arabia, typically around New Years, it has now become customary to do a traditional Arab/Bedouin style of cooking of lamb that entails stuffing a lamb leg or shoulder, and cooking it for several hours. Underground. What comes out is delightfully fragrant, actually melts in the mouth, and is just exquisite. It may even be Kharoof Mahsin, which is one of my "To Try's".

Most Memorable Childhood Nom Moments - Pizza:
Note, this is the most memorable pizza, not necessarily the best. Especially not the best, as it's in Saudi. And was in a fairground. However, despite it shutting down in the early 1990's, I can still remember the look, and even the TASTE of the Pizza Al-Azizza [I think that's what it was called] deliciousness. I just remember an unbelievable amount of cheese/hardened arteries, and. Well. That's it. I was in single-digit age then. It was however, immense. And cheesy. Very cheesy.

Cheese is good. 

Then they replaced it with a Burger King. Now that whole complex has been torn down for office blocks. :'(

Most Memorable Childhood Nom Moments - Roasted Peanuts:
I'm not talking of your run of the mill KP Tin Peanuts. As disgustingly addictive as they are [I once finished a full tin of Honey Roasted Peanuts. In a day. I think I died], I am talking of the natural pan roasted ones with salt. Oh hooray, I crave a bar snack. Yes, not quite so rudimentary though. Well, actually yes. For I remember sampling these peanuts from when I was a mere child in the Old City Market of Old Jeddah, roasted on street corners on top of giant tin pots. More than anything, its the smell that brings me back to my childhood days, whenever I see the vendors around, and so it remains a constant reminder.

That, and To this day I still occasionally pine for them, whenever I have the courage to stray into the ghetto/eat such highly calorific nuts, so its not like its a forgotten taste.

Yes. I am a girl. 

NB: I will gradually keep adding more as of when my sporadic memory has fits of recollection

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