Thursday, 30 June 2011

Delicious Excess after the Drought

So.. For the spam bots and 1 other lonely individual that read this - me - the lack of any life is sure to indicate the obvious waning sense of purpose for this blog. However, I should really follow it through. I am also abhorrently bored.

More of the same on the front of creating food out of what would have been wasted, which will suddenly come to use in the next couple of weeks as I find myself in an empty household. Really pulling together obscure ingredients, I shall sustain myself with the inclusion of the following dishes:
- Smoked Mackerel Quiche [Not bad - oddly sweet]
- Smoked Mackerel Tart
- Lentil Shepherd's Pie
- Torta Amalfitana [Disaster]
- Baked Cheesecake [Greasy]
- Apple Charlotte [Baked in a flower pot]
- Bread & Butter Putting [Forgot to actually include anything other than Bread and butter]

I will probably give quick indications in a separate post. Maybe from a hospital bed. Or the dead. Onwards. In the latest news, I also ventured out of the security of my room and had dinner out. So yes, I did go to Boisdale, but only for desserts, also sampling the culinary eccentricities/delicacies/non-distinct healthiness of Umu, Tombo and Jak's respectively. However, one of these events issued an absolutely delightful discovery.

At said restaurant I was partaking in a Tasting Event, to which I had invited a couple of friends so as to not appear completely out of place, though my pre-pubescent facial foliage certainly tried hard to nullify that effort. At this event, I was introduced to an item, that has completely altered my admittedly, but unashamedly utter ignorant streak on certain topics, and, actually changed my life. Not to any actual degree worth measuring mind - I liked it, basically, and it now occupies a lot of my mindframe. Ironically, I poopoo'd [teehee] the speaker when he declared the same phenomena of when  he first sampled a true tasting of this same item and how it was a distinct moment he will forever remember. Only to issue myself a facepalm a nanosecond later as soon as I sampled it.

What on earth am I on about?


Steamed white rice. IT. Was. AMAZING.

Ok, not quite. And I couldn't actually think of any cleverer segue. However, this item does involve rice. And steaming. I'll leave you on that.

Ok, it was Sake'. What I initially thought was a warm cup of rice water digestive, has completely altered my perception on this drink within the occurrence of the this tasting event. However, more on this epiphany in its own dedicated post kkthx.

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