Thursday, 4 August 2011

[Event - Exposition] The Great British Belly-aching Festival (>_<)

Location - Earl's Court, London [UK] 

I despise beer. Thus I ventured forth to the Great British Beer Festival held at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre. A good to day to make sense ^_^

In a move unbeknownst to me, I attended the aforementioned festival, when there was no actual appeal for me in the slightest. I do not heart beer, at all. Smells horrible, tastes similar - granted a couple of ales and bitters I have tried have not been appalling but I generally do not like it or its mother. Not that I am a profuse drinker anyway. Public House fare is also a source of not much excitement, being rather. Well. Blah. For want of a better word. And which was essentially the other provenance of subsistence available at the festival. Though it was the food that drew me in the end. Food and Boredom. Much. Boredom. Willingness does not move mountains, boredom does. Now this teaching simply needs to be indoctrinated to bring forth the new breed of pioneers of this world.

So armed with the questionable motives, I made my way. Still not quite knowing why. True some friends would be there, though in my sobriety I probably would not be as elated as they at the displacing of my blood with alcohol. Teeming as I was with this positive mindset, I did already schedule just how I was going to obliterate/experience the various foods on display. The hope was that a structured plan would avoid over-indulgences, and my backpack would allow for the storage of such for later consuming. It remained empty. I could not with hold myself. Straight to it, the appropriately titled Kill list:

  • Olives & Things - Marinated olives, pickled garlic & peppers, sun-dried tomatoes: A rather rudimentary "starter" of sorts but I would need my vegetables obviously...*cough*. The olives were quite nice, a wide variety, so I just chose at random, like the carefree rebel that I am. Blatantly. Not swimming in brine like the supermarket variety, and quite delicately flavoured. The pickled peppers were fine, but the pickled garlic was addictive, lovely. Sun-dried tomatoes, unsurprising.
  • Inyama - Chilli Biltong: One of my "to eats", among the infinitesimal list, merely fine, essentially a less dry, fresher tasting beef jerky. 
  • Proper Cornish Pasties - Scrumpy Beef Cornish Pasty: Large as my face, copiously filled, delectable pastry. However, where was the beef?! It was mainly potatoes. Hmph. 
  • International Seafoods - Jellied Eels: Another of my "must-tries", ended up being quite alright. Ludicrous amount of jelly [jello?] and was heightened nicely by the suggested white pepper and vinegar. Annoying bones, but otherwise pleasant.  
  • The Crusty Pie Company - Pork & Stilton Pie: Lacking in Stilton, and quite normal for a Pork pie, only took a couple of bites as I feared intestinal explosions. Reserved for later. 
  • Vitis Wines - Moniack Mead: Quite lovely with a prominent note of a floral honey, obviously. Would have preferred it chilled, and it got me light-headed quite quickly despite the minute serving. Perhaps the quaffing did not help.
  • Ank Marvin - Wild Boar Burger: A reasonable burger, though in retrospect I should have had the Kangaroo to brave into new horizons. Quite normal, mango chutney nice, nothing memorable. Other than the fact I as still eating.
  • The Crusty Pie Company - Sweet Mince Slice: Disgustingly delectable and diabetes inducing in equal measures. So very hard to stop consuming the CD Case size pastry. Incredibly sweet filling, so much so that the sugar coating on the exterior was not even sensed. I hated to love it.
  • King's Old Ale - Weak, rather watery, and only sampled to give at least some sense in my attendance of this exposition. 
And then, the belly-aching, commenced. Who would've thought, after that delightfully meagre melange had made it down my perpetually open gullet. Obviously, awash with guilt, I sought refuge in the company of the aforementioned friends. To no avail. Even hours later, my stomach still cried mercy for this atrocity so foul. Bored of this guilt, I left, compounded by the fact that I did not want to add to the ridiculous amount of food consumed with equally gross parking charges [escaped the £20 fee by less than a minute!]. 

So. A couple of new horizons ventured, one stomach debilitated. Still do not know a valid motive. Pine this as another victory to over-indulgence. The crafty fiend >_>

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