Monday, 18 July 2011

Eternal/Infernal Leftovers.

Three weeks in to consuming the leftovers. And I've managed to plan every meal to finish them, lasting up till the first week of August. Yeah. Rly. So, a breakdown of the perpetual leftovers!


What: Lentil Shepherd's Pie
Ingredient Salvaged: Sheep [Lentils]
Not terrible - not much substance from the lentils themselves, but the buttery [I used little!] mashed sweet potato topping is quite delectable, and the fact I was too lazy to cut the "sofritto" finer means there's some nice texture. Too much tomato paste.


What: Smoked Mackerel Quiche
Ingredient Salvaged: 1 year old+ Smoked Mackerel
Outcome: Sweet. Oddly. Possibly a honey cure in the mackerel then, but quite nice and combines very well with the leek in the quiche, whereas the peas and capers are largely decorative. Quite enjoyable, though my heart cries, despite my tongues elation with the buttery shortcrust pastry. Very short.


What: Smoked Mackerel Tart
Ingredient Salvaged: Same 1 year old+ Smoked Mackerel
Outcome: Essentially identical to above, just a different shape and less fillings. I think perhaps sweeter still with the addition of the Jarlsberg cheese in the egg "filler". Likewise, the shortcrust pastry is lovely but bad mkay.

4. [Eated it]

What: Apple & Blackberry Crumble
Ingredient Salvaged: Apple Sauce, Blackberries, leftover Crumble Topping
Outcome: Some apprehension was natural as I tossed in the blackberries, some with a light dusting of mould, into the ramekins but overall they came out as per usual, seeing as barring the typical ingredients of a crumble, I merely added the blackberries, a splash of Vin Santo and a couple of cloves. And it did not taste of Stilton. Cloves kind of add an interesting touch, not so much infusing flavouring than announcing itself quite rudely,"OH HAI, I'M HERE!" as you chew into an errant pod. Worked well with the mascarpone cream. Very lazy one, as everything was essentially laid out.


What: Apple Charlotte
Ingredient Salvaged: Moar Apple Sauce
Outcome: Baked in a flower pot. And mood set. But it's not terrible - rather boring, yes, but not terrible. Just apple sauce and buttered Vogel Linseed bread [Vogel wins at bread, that is all]. Using some Low Fat Custard with it to add a semblance of interest.


Bread & Butter Pudding

Ingredient Salvaged: Mountains of leftover bread scraps from the Apple Charlotte
Outcome: Quite frankly. The most boring thing ever. Almost entirely my fault, as, I only realised I omitted to include anything other than bread. And butter. After it had done baking. What little sugar I did add, and the couple of sultanas coupled with the egg-based binder made little difference. However, add in the pineapple ice-cream I made previously. REDEMPTION! Works quite well with what spices I added as well as the sultanas. Otherwise, still bland.


What: Torta Amalfitana
Ingredient Salvaged: Pears & Ricotta
Outcome: If this summary were to be based on the conformity to the original recipe, it would be the abomination of abominations. As obviously when a recipe asks for the addition of an Italian Meringue, and to set the mixture with Agar Agar jelly, and you end up adding raw egg white and raw strands of Agar Agar, something has gone awry. So it tastes, well. Bland really. However, I find it very hard to stop scrounging away at it. Despite the errant chewy Agar Agar strands. The far too small meringue discs meant to form the top and base of the cake are also amusing, as they are essentially half the size of the tin used >_<.


What: Baked Cheesecake
Ingredient Salvaged: Pears & Mascarpone
Outcome: Took about a year to make, the entire process completely blind, death, mute, clueless. Quite moreish though. My arteries hardened from just watching the amount of clarified fat floating on the surface during the baking, but the taste is nowhere near as decadent - eggier than it is creamy. Disaster was semi-averted in the making of too little pastry, though it was oddly sticky. Said salvation was partly thwarted by the addition of the pears, releasing moisture and thus making the pastry a sponge. Not cheesy enough.

And with these eight. I'm done. Christmas is too near to keep making guilt food >_>

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